Hi. I'm Philippe.


I learned just about everything I know from popular culture—and it has taught me tons. 

Through it, I look to understand why things are happening, why they're happening now, what could happen next. What people are focused on and how that changes. How I can make and help make things that excite people, and things that push culture forward, outward, or both.

I am a brand and creative strategist at 2x4, and current and past clients include Prada, Aritzia, Converse, St. Regis, Tiffany & Co., and Second Stage Theater. Before that, I did a stint at the Cannes Film Festival and acted as editorial assistant and marketing strategist at WRG Magazine. I hold a Masters in Branding from SVA and a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University.

I also sing hooks. Let's work together?