"This is the most proud I've ever been of anything"

In the years since 2015's Blue Neighbourhood, a sweet, pastel-hued ode to suburban teenagehood, Troye Sivan's profile has somehow risen from YouTuber-turned-musician to torchbearer of next-gen pop. Meanwhile, social media gave glimpses of a coming-of-age of sorts through displays of increasingly sophisticated (and LA-ifying) taste and collaborators, acting as an implicit heads-up that what was coming next would bear little resemblance to what came before. He'd been leveling up.

Enter "My My My!", a spunkier, darker star statement. It's shamelessly bigger than past singles, daring us to think of Michael or Madonna (or Xtina), and comes accompanied by a true pop video—neon lights, style, sex, and the freest dance moves since Lorde's. The song, a throbbing celebration of young love, is his most direct bid at a pop anthem yet, trading in his debut's dreamy soundscapes for house-flavoured synths and a soaring chant of a chorus.

It's an exhilirating expression of joy, and, coming from one of the leading gay figures in music, a particularly empowering one. See you on SNL, Troye.